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Smart Kids

My name is Dragos, I am 10 years old.I like parties,video games,animals and to go in the park.I don’t like to go to school or to play strategy video games. I also do not like  to read novels and football.I eat chocolate,pizza ,chicken and fast food.I have a lot of friends, that is a half of the class. I like English and I like to learn more and more.

My name is Ingrid and I am ten years old and I am a girl, I like basketball,I like trips, I recently was on an English camp I like very much. I don’t like mushrooms, and I don’t like going by car.I love Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

My  names  is  Ana   Maria. I  am 9  years   old.I  like  flowers  and  butterflies,and  love  my  family.  My  friends  are  Maria, Ana,Alexandra, Elena,Laura,Denis,Flori,Delia,Bogdan,Alex.

My name   is Teodora.I   am 7.   I  like  apples   , English,  ,oranges,  I have a sister, her name is Stefania.

My name is Catalina, I am 9 years old. My favourite subject is English. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite sport is riding a horse. The names of my friends are Andreea and Geanina. My pets are: two dogs , some fish and a parrot.

My name is Sahela. I am 8 years old. i li ike to color , to read, I like to play and to study English.

My name is Mircea .I am 8 years old.I like  to use the computer,to study  English ,to eat pizza. I like  toys and dogs . The thing I like the most is to play.I like chocolate and PSP and I like Religion. I like sport and basketball.

My name is Andrei .I am 7 years old.I like to play football and to play on psp I don’t like Romanian . I also like basketball.

My  name  is  Miruna.I  am  8  years  old.  I  like  to  draw and  I like Romanian   I like to play  a lot.

My  name  is Ana Maria, I  like  sport, I  like  apples I  like  English , I don’t like Maths.

My  name  is Jack. I am 10 years old. I like apples and,I like English, and I don’t like bananas. I have one teacher and she is very, very OK . She’s very beautiful

My  name  is Marinela. I am 9 years  old . I like sport ,I  lie  English . I have a dog .

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