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La cercul de creatie- croitorie copiii invata atat sa coasa, cat si sa creeze diverse model de mileuri, rochite, felicitari. Invata despre culori si proportii, iar cei mai mari cusutul la masina de cusut si diverse moduri de asamblare a produselor de imbracaminte, cat si prelucrarea detaliilor componente ale produselor. Cercul este condus de dna profesoara Iuliana Preda



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Young Magicians

My name’s  Bibi.I’m eight years old.Ilike tennis,basketball, I like to sing.  -I work with Mrs. Cicone at Clubul Copiilor  ( I  took part in contests, I also received prizes for interpretation  ” Stelutele Marii in 2008 and 2009 -first prize, ” Curierul zilei ” , ” Flori de Gheata”, ” Coloana Infinitului” – Moreni. I also like to paint and draw.  I have started to study English and Italian here since last autumn.

My name’s Andrei.I’m ten years old.I like tennis,basketball,football and English. I also like to play the guitar.

My name is Ariana.I’m 8 years old. I like to dance, to sing, to paint and I also like English.

My name is Denisa I’ m8 years old. I like to dance.

My name is  Diana   I’m  nine  years  old. I like to dance, to sing and  I like  English.

My name is  Sara. I’m nine years old.I I like English. I don’t like Romanian.

Students 2011-2012

My name  is Valentin. I am thirteen and I am seventh grade. I like to ride the bike and like to play the guitar. I like to listening to rock music. My favorite bands are Metallica and Nirvana.

My name is Ana Gabriela.  I am 15 tears old.I like school.My favorite subjects are:music,English,math and sport.I like playing guitar,listening to rock and rap muisc,working at school magazine, writing poems and painting.My favorite bands are:Thousand Foot Krutch,The Rasmus,Metallica,Guns N’ Roses,Night Wish,Secondhand serenade,Within Tempation,Scorpions,Guess Who,Eminem,Spike,50 Cent.I love animes:Bleach,Nana,Naruto,Detective Connan and Lovely Complex.I attended a Japaneese course.

My name is Cerneanu Camelia and I am 16 years old .  I spend my spare time listening to rock music , reading novels and hang out with my friends .  I am very sociable and friendly . My favourite subjects are English and Romanian . Also , I find History really interesting .  One of my favourite films is Pirates of Caribbean and my favourites band are Metallica and Nirvana .  „The Great Expectations ” is a novel I love  .

My   name  is  Deny   and  I  am  12   years  old.  I  like  lisenting to   music   and  I  like eat ice-cream . My    favourite  subject  is  English !! My   favourite  band   is  ”3 days   graace ”..I LOVE  THIS !!  My   favourite   film  is  ”Angel  on  the  night ”.

My name is Alexandra  ,my nickname is Zgriptzu,I don’t no  why. I like to read books.My favorites  authors are Jules Verne,Mihai Eminescu,Emil Garleanu,and my favorite book is „Maria sa puiul padurii” .I like to listen music.My favorites bands are Green day and Bosquito .My favorite singer  is Horia Brenciu.I have a little brother,Bogdanel.I love him.  He is very sweet  .My best freend is Lorena.I play tenns .I like that. I won a contest  this summer.I am  a very happy person!

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