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Fotografia postată de Popa Celesta.Repetitii in limba engelza pentru Concursul My Fest de la Scoala Superioara N Kretzulescu, mai 2018

5 O’Clock, piesa in lb engleza, adaptata dupa I L Caragiale


Anul 2017 a inceput cu o noua provocare! Teatru in limba engleza. Gazdele noastre sunt profesorii de la Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu unde au loc repetitii saptamanale. Detalii privind aceasta activitate gasiti pe pagina noastra  Facebook – Teatru scolar in lb engleza  sau https://teatruinlimbaengleza.wordpress.com/blog/

Coordonatorii acestui proiect sunt prof lb. engleza Celesta Popa si prof teatru Mariana Sinca




My  name is Arman Zabihi and I’ m 11 years old.I like to play football    and play kendama . I go  football training 3 days a week.


November 2017


My name  is Aryan Zabihi    Tari  and I’m 15 years  old. I like to  spend my free time in the cinema with my friends .



November 2017

My name is Andrei Sebatian  Stancescu   .I am 13 years  old.I like to play with kendama and make speedcubing .   Kendama is a common thing who many people do,but speedcubing it’s a new intresting thing.Speed cubing is a free time activity  .This consists of make the rubick’s cube in a hurry .   I have many rubik puzzles: 15!  Different shapes and colours.I enjoy this activity so much!

Fotografia postată de Sebastian Andrei Stancescu.

November 2017

Our names are Andreea and  Ioana. We are the best friends and we are in the same college:  ‘Ion Creanga’ National College . We  are seventeen years old. We love maths and we like watching TV series like SKAM, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and The Originals. In the free time, we take the photos, we love spending our time with our friends. We hope that we will be accepted at a good university. We want to be a doctor and an economist.



November 2017

My name is Ciprian .I am 12 years old. I like to play tennis table and basketball. I like this game because  are  funny and nice .I  have played  basketball   for two years   and    I   have played tennis for    one year .In my free time  I play with kendama ,I watch TV   and  I play computer games or phone games.I  play  with my kendama  ,because it is relaxing.

Fotografia postată de Ciprian Alexandru.


Fotografia postată de Nona Dinu.


About me…….

October 2017

Hi! My name is Maria Alexandra Ghitea. I am twelve years old. I am short and slim. I have blue eyers and brown hair. I am a cute and friendly girl.

I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I study at „School number 280”, section 5. My best friends from school are: Irina and Erika. My favorite school subjects are: maths, arts and music.

My favorites activities are: riding a bike, playing, drawing, reading and singing.


Fotografia postată de Maria Alexandra Mariuca.


November 2017

About me


Hi! My name is Erika-Maria. I’m twelve years old. I’m a smart and friendly girl. I love my family and friends. I like school. I have a lot of friends but my best friends are Ioana and Maria. I spend more time with them because I love to do this. We read together, draw together and amusing together. We do all things together.

My favourite school objects are sports and art . My favourite things to do are listening to music , drawing and reading books. These things relax me .

Let’s be friends!

 Fotografia postată de Erika Maria.

November 2017

My name is Irina I am eleven ears old .My favourite work is drawing. When I draw I develop my creativity and relax.

This work is very funny. Paintings do not always go out well but I learn to enjoy myself.

My favourite subject  is maths. Iam  tall and slim . I have  straight heir and green eyes. My friends are Erika and Maria .

I life in Bucarest.

I love my school and friends.

Fotografia postată de Antonia B Tonia.

I am the one on the right!


Hi everyone! My name is Andreea Petrache and I’m 15 years old. I want to tell you some things about a wonderful sport, named dance sport. I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old and I still love every minute spent during practicing classes. It is not certain if dance sport is a sport or an art, as the line between them is very thin. There are 10 dances, 5 ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Vienese Waltz, Slow-Fox and Quickstep) and 5 latin (Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso-Doble and Jive). Whether if you do only ballroom dances, or Latin dances or both, one thing is for sure: You need to interpretate, not to execute. What does this mean? That every dance has a story and every movement has a meaning. It is amazing how many significance an arm movement can have, or a body movement. You can tell,with just a movement, „go away”, or, contrary, „come closer”. The face has also an important role in this whole body language. You can express everything: love, hate, sadness, melancholy.Of course, you have to adapt your emotions to every dance, therefor to every story. My favorite dance is Rumba, because it is a very emotional dance and you have a lot to show, a lot of stories to tell while dancing it.

But enough with all this technique, because I’m sure all of you wonder what can i tell you about those amazing dresses. First of all they are really expensive and there are rules regarding the costumes. For example, you have to be at least 14 to have a dress with rhinestones. The good thing is that after 14 you are allowed to wear what kind of dress you want.

Dancing is not always easy and not many people knows how much you have to work. It is a very expensive sport, so if you don’t have a lot of money you should prepare to work double in order to achieve the results you hope for. Finding a partner can also be difficult, because he or she must be as dedicated as you are, must have the same ambitions as you do.

All in all I can’t imagine my life without dancing and even if i might get hurt sometimes, when I’m on the floor … nothing can compare with that feeling.


A Christmas Present

She was walking all alone down the street covered by snow . It was Christmas Night and the atmosphere was wonderful : the snowflakes were dancing in the air , the voices of the children were singing carols and you could feel that pleasant smell of orange and sponge cake .
The girl seemed to be very sad and thoughtful . Her eyes were red and her cheeks wet by tears . In the street was nobody . everybody was celebrating the Christmas inside , together with their families , near the fire .
The girl kept going till she got in the forest near the village . She felt tired , knelt between two old trees and started to cry . After a while , the girl heard steps behind her and turned around very frightened . But all her fear just vanished when she saw Santa Claus smiling at her . She ran straight into his open arms and begged Santa Claus to take her with him because she had nowhere to go . Her parents had driven her away . When the girl stopped talking the silence covered the old forest . They seemed to hear even the snowflakes spreading on the ground and trees .
After long moments of silence , Santa Claus took the girl`s hand and guided her to his sledge . When the girl saw the reindeers and the presents in Santa`s sledge she get in without even looking behind . Santa Claus took a sit near her and the sledge started to raise up the sky .
Nobody saw the little girl since that Christmas Night , but they weren`t worried about that . It seemed that everyone knew she left the village for a better place .

Cerneanu Camelia
Clasa a X-a


” Feathers and Colours ” – Photography exhibition

The photos made by Andreea Chiru and Raluca Deca are exposed and can be admired between the 10 of November and the 1 of December at the Odeon Gallery .

This exhibition surprises honest moments , story moments, memorable moments . These pictures attract the viewers into a beautiful world , a world in which they find different feeling like : love , hope , wish .

The authors of the ” Feathers and colours ” exhibition invite people of all ages to come , admire and smooth their foreheads .

Cerneanu Camelia 10 grade „Elena Cuza” Highschool


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La concursul national Mini Mega Star, organizat de Societatea Romana de Radiodifuzione, Romania Cultural, 4 copiii, membri ai Grupului Miracol de la cercul de muzica usoara au fost premiati dupa cum urmeaza:

Premiul II Sara Tudorie
Premiul III Laurentiu Nita
Mentiuni: Georgia Radu si Beatrice Ilii.
Concursul s-a desfasurat la Sediul Radiodifuziunii in ziua de 4 nov. 2011.

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